Bridal makeup is usually pretty soft and natural mimic the soft sophistication of the bride’s dress. While some bride still go for bold looks with their eye makeup, most go for natural colors and they enhance them with take eyelashes. During a wedding Through most brides just want their natural beauty to shine through.

Matte & Glossy

Matte Makeup:-
Matte make up looks naturally and its look matte finishing Especially good for oily skin It controls reduce oil on your skin.

Glossy Makeup :-
Glossy make up looks good for reception it looks glossy and shine mainly for bride and also good for dry and normal skin.



This style is made for women who just want a light enhancement from their make up rather than transforming the way you look the natural approach involves simple changes in the way your skin eye and mouth look on their own. The colors here are similar to the one that already existent on the face but adding these can still make a different.



If you are planning on wearing evening make – up, you already know that bold is the way to go while natural make up is great for everyday looks sometimes it needs a little first and pizzazz that’s where the night time make up style can come into play.



Celebrities are usually focus on the cutting edge of makeup. Access to the hottest Designers and stylists and constant exposure to cameras and paparazzi has made most celebrities Place make up high on their list of priorities.


Airbrush make up is any make up that is applied with an airbrush rather than with makeup application Instead of using your fingers, brushes or sponges you instead have a professional spay gun to gibe you more even, precise and fadeless coverage airbrushing is easy to remove, long lasting and is hygienic.



High Definition make up giants realized that in the land of video and photography.


We provide the Following services in the package of bridal facial, tan removing, Waxing, threading, Body Polishing , Pedicures, Manicure, hairs spa etc.



Plaits made from natural flowers enhances the beauty of the bride. Different types of plaits are available matching with the colors of the brides sarees.